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New release
Grupo Cupido "Piruetas"
View video Grupo Cupido "Piruetas"
Label: Batlle Records / Batlle Artistic Productions, Inc.Catalog No: BR0103 Format… more info»

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Welcome to Batlle Records!

Batlle Records is focused on developing commercially viable Latin American artists. Through Batlle Records we strive to develop artists as people; develop their music so that others may be exposed to real Latin Music; and develop, distribute and promote their music nationally and internationally. Our releases are already being sold internationally, making us one of most dynamic new records labels.

Today we present
Grupo Polo Montañez "Cuestion de Suerte"
View video Grupo Polo Montañez "Cuestion de Suerte"
Cuestión de Suerte, album recorded by the musicians who always accompanied cuban… more info»


Coming soon
Candyman "Caramelo"
 Candyman "Caramelo"
Candyman with it's new compilation "Caramelo" is becoming very popular in… more info»

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